ACLDN and Self-Defense Defense Funding

ACLDN and Self-Defense Defense FundingThere is a difference between self-defense insurance and defense funding. If you need to defend yourself with a gun, self-defense funding ensures that you are fully covered. Unlike insurance, defense funding covers intentional acts.

Insurance does not normally cover intentional acts, such as defending yourself. And, if they do pay, it is a reimbursement. You have to cover the upfront costs for bail, an attorney, a private investigator, professional witnesses, and any other associated expense involved with defending yourself in court. In addition, you will need to find your own attorney.

Defense funding is different. Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) provides upfront funding to cover the initial cost of your case.  If you have difficulty finding an attorney, Marty Hayes, J.D. will fly out to your location, help you find an attorney, and get your defense started.  Additional funding (currently up to $700,000) is available throughout the trial to assist you. It’s not a reimbursement. Instead, it is funding provided at the beginning and during your defense litigation. This makes a big difference when you are involved in a self-defense case.

ACLDNBy joining ACLDN, you also receive eight (8) educational DVDs (and more as they are produced) and a 235 page book.  They’ve also recently started an Educational Foundation.  It is a 501 (c) 3 and all Foundation contributions are tax deductible.

Contact Accurate Edge, LLC for more information self-defense funding that ensures your rights are fully defended., or contact   acldn  directly.  Be sure to use code 0311 when contacting them or joining ACLDN online or by mail.  That tells them that Accurate Edge, LLC sent you.  Again, be sure to use code 0311.  You’ll also find us right at the top of the listing of ACLDN Affiliate Instructors in Florida.

Remember, we provide firearms training in Jacksonville and NE Florida that can help you never need their services.  Our range is located in Nassau County, just west of the Jacksonville airport.