Concealed Weapons Permit

Accurate Edge Gun TrainingExercise your right to bear arms. By signing up for a concealed weapons training class at Accurate Edge, LLC in Jacksonville, Florida, you can apply for a Florida concealed carry permit. Take control of your security and safety by getting your own firearms license (CWFL).

These licenses are also (incorrectly) known as Florida Concealed Weapon Permits. While some states do actually issue permits, Florida issues a license to carry concealed weapons. CWFLs are easier to earn with proven firearm training (HP) from our professionals. We offer the most in-depth and complete Concealed Weapon Permit and Concealed Weapon or Firearm License in the area. Florida accepts many types of documentation, including:

• Hunter Safety
• Competition Documentation
• Military DD 214
• FL Security Officer G License Training

**Important:  Know that certain requirements are needed to teach Florida Statutes and legal implications.  Yet many unlicensed instructors do it anyway.   I’ve heard a lot of misinformation come through my classes…information learned by an unlicensed trainer.  Legally, the trainer must be a Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) Instructor or an attorney licensed to practice in FL.   OR be a FL K Licensee.  K Licensees are Statewide Firearms Instructors.  It requires quite a bit of training and a written exam administered by the State of FL.  So, when you look for a class, see if your instructor, who is going to teach you FL law, is qualified to do that.   Tom Eichling HAS the FL K License and is licensed to teach statutory aspects of concealed carry.  He is also a NRA Law Enforcement Instructor which adds depth to Accurate Edge, LLC courses, including and especially concealed carry.**

You may not need to take a course to get a license if you have any of the documentation listed in FS 790.06 (2) (h). Military (active and retired) take note of this. In addition, Florida passed another statute last year (FS 790.062), allowing military members age 18 (yes, 18 years old) and up to apply for and receive a Florida carry license. Everyone else must be 21 years or older. For more training and information on this, research it yourself or take one of our classes.

Remember that with every right comes a responsibility. There’s always more to learn. There’s always training that can improve your marksmanship speed, accuracy, and tactics. We provide that, as well as more information on the topics in the above paragraph.

Video on the Judicious Use of Deadly Force
Here is one of Massad Ayoob’s presentations from his LFI I / MAG 40 class. This presentation is on the judicious use of deadly force. The video was made in New Hampshire several years ago, but the basic theory behind the use of deadly force will never change. Even with Florida state laws changing, we recommend heeding the advice in this video. It is straightforward and blunt. Viewer discretion advised. The complete DVD presentation is one hour and 48 minutes long. This video link is only a small portion of the complete lecture.

Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network
Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network publishes a monthly Journal. This article was so popular that they now permanently post it on their home page for anyone to download and read. As a concealed firearm licensee (current or future licensee), reading the following article will add depth to your knowledge base.

The Three Headed Monster: Defending a Disparity of Force Shooting

Our Most Popular Firearms Training Courses
The following are two of our most popular and basic courses. See our Course Descriptions and Course Event Schedules for more information and to register. All of our courses, except for Refuse to Be a Victim and Home Firearm Safety, qualify you to apply for a carry license.

Marksmanship Fundamentals/Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License (aka Concealed Weapon Permit)

This course exceeds the state requirement for a Florida License/Permit. It is somewhat shorter and a little less expensive than the FIRST Steps course. We also have more time to cover any Florida specific details you may be interested in.

Our Defensive Pistol I and II courses include much of the same information in our Marksmanship Fundamentals / CCCW class but add extra hours to provide more time and in-depth training and practice using defensive tactics with your pistol.

The only thing you need to bring to your appointment at the DOACS Regional Office is your checkbook and documentation that shows you can safely handle and discharge a firearm. The NRA FIRST Steps course completion certificate provides that documentation. You will fire close to a full box and sometimes more than a full box of ammunition and achieve a marksmanship standard prior to graduating. This is an NRA requirement and we applaud NRA for setting this standard.

While we do prefer to run NRA-approved courses, we can offer our own Accurate Edge CWFL course upon request. This course is NOT an NRA-approved course but FL DOACS will accept our course completion certificate with your application. It is similar to the one-hour and two-hour courses you see at gun shows and gun shops.

Contact us for more information and questions about our concealed weapons courses. We serve customers in Jacksonville and NE Florida. Our range is located in Nassau County, just west of the Jacksonville airport.