Firearms Training in Jacksonville, FL

As a gun owner, you need to have an edge over any would-be attackers. When you need expert firearms training for self-defense, Accurate Edge, LLC provides courses that improve your accuracy. Since 2005, the team at our gun training facility has provided basic and instructor-level firearms and tactical training courses. We offer classes for anyone who wants a Florida concealed weapons permit or simply a better understanding of how to handle a firearm. Our NRA training courses in Florida  and other firearm and tactical training courses include:
Firearms Training
• NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun
• NRA Personal Protection in the Home (Basic Tactical Training)
• NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (Tactical Training)
• NRA “Refuse to Be a Victim” Personal Safety Seminar
• NRA Range Safety Officer & Chief Range Safety Officer
• NRA’s NEW Advanced Defensive Pistol Mentor Program
• USCCA Firearm & Concealed Carry Courses

Our classes are longer and more expensive for a reason.  90 minute gun show and gun shop classes and one round of Aguila Colibri ammunition do not meet state statute requirements and, frankly, are simply not adequate training when you’re in a ‘save your life’ situation.  Our in depth training is worth every penny when it comes to defending yourself, your family and friends.

We just added Concealed Weapons or Firearms License (Permit) Classes  and our own Defensive Pistol classes for June to our Course Schedule page.
Click on the Course Schedule for information on all of these courses.
**NOTE:   Preregistration Required**

Gun Training:
ALL courses are conducted by 2 NRA Training Counselors and a FL K Licensed Instructor!!

Feel protected and proficient by signing up for an in-depth firearm safety and tactical course. Some of the reasons to choose us for tactical firearms training include:
Pistol Training
• Owner has 27 Years of Firearm Instructing Experience
• Owner is a Florida D & G Licensed Security Officer and a FL K Licensed Instructor
• Owner is a Retired Navy Auxiliary Security Force Member
• Staff Consists of Experienced Military and Law Enforcement Officers
• Personalized & Private Firearms & Tactical Training for Families & Businesses
• Non-Firearm Personal Safety Training Available
• On-Location Firearms Training Available w/our Portable Live Fire Range
• Most Credit Cards Accepted; PayPal also accepted
• Flexible Scheduling
• Weekday Classes Available

In-Depth Tactical Firearms Training
Gun SafetyYou know how to pull the trigger, but we offer much more extensive training than that. In fact, our shortest classes are five (5) to six (6) hours long. That’s because we want you to feel confident in using your firearm. During the course, you’ll learn to unload and load your gun, and fire a minimum of 30 to 50 rounds. You will also practice with our laser pistols before going out for live fire.

Contact us for more information about our concealed carry classes. We serve customers in Jacksonville and NE Florida. Our range is located in Nassau County, just west of the Jacksonville airport.

When you’re looking for world-class Florida firearm training, choose Accurate Edge!